Saturday, 8 March 2008


Should I chop my hair off?

I'm considering it.

I've been growing it since I had cancer when I was 10. Which is 13+ years.

I'm thinking if I do I'll get the cut bits made into a wig for someone who's having chemo.

What do you all think?


Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,
as I hinted at in the car I like really short hair on girls. Actually I think it's absolutely awesomely pretty, and that's probably just because I like boys hair. Boys have pretty hair =D

I think if you do it you need to really want to do it. What others think is not important. If you decide to go for it check out websites that will guide you as to what styles would best suit your face shape and hair type, and talk to some professionals too. Alternatively, you could have a mental breakdown and just lop it all off. But don't do that. If you feel that awful come over for some tea and we'll talk and whatever.

Lots of love,

Sam-Is-Mad said...

It's interesting. All the girls so far have said I should, all the boys think I shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Okay okay... I have the BEST hair advice for you EVER!!!

Simply do this.

Go to google images, and type the words "punk hair". Then press enter. I'm thinking the second picture in the top row is the style for you! Seriously.


(Guess who wrote this?)

- k o R i - said...

I just got my hair chopped =X