Saturday, 1 March 2008

More Illegal Activities

Well, while Joab is contemplating putting a restraining order on me and Kallie, he will be pleased to know that some boys who clearly feel the same way have taken the law into their own hands.

Ethan (from Kinder, not from church or cleaning), met me for the first time and said to me, "I'm going to put you in jail."

I told him that I was busy tidying the puzzles right now, we'd see about later.

Well, eventually Ethan, Mishu, Parker, Jonty, Lochy K and a few of the other boys put me in jail. I busted out a few times, but was caught, and I got out on parole once to take Jae Hong to the toilet.

When I asked what my crime was, do you know what it was? Not proposing to steal Joab's car. Oh no.

It was FUN.

And, and Mishu said, "You aren't ever having any fun any more."


Anonymous said...

How could you commit fun, Sam? I am disappointed in you. As of now I have deleted your phone number from my mobile, erased any memories I have of you, and if I had your msn I'd block and delete you from my contacts.

Just joshin'.

Actually I do have SERIOUS apologies to make (to multiple persons). It's been causing me to sleep badly.

a. Sorry Joab for joking of stealing your car.

b. Sorry Rebecca for planning on using your car to damage Joab's car and then blaming you.

c. Sorry Rebecca for corrupting your sheep.

d. Sorry Sam for corrupting you.Or is it encouraging you to continue in your corruptedness?

e. Sorry Stockholm Syndrome for not loving you enough so that you would run away. If you read this please come home! :(

It's okay if we go to jail Sam. I'm getting detailed prison maps tattooed onto my body, so we can escape!

Anonymous said...

Err oops... the above comment was written by Kallie. She must have erased too much of her memory.

Joab said...

The rabbit is STILL loose?!!? Gosh, maybe someone had a BBQ... =P
P.S You are forgiven :P

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that we get your car?

Just asking...

Love Sam

Anonymous said...

You can have the car, Sam. I confess, stealing cars isn't my thing.

I'm more into...
abducting people...

Love from someone mysterious (Kallie)

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Can we abduct Rebecca?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Sam. Firstly, I can no longer accompany you along the long dark road of misguidedness (I don't want to be responsible for misleadng you). Stay innocent, Little Grasshopper, and then the reeds will grow tall as the sun sets and quietly the breeze shall beckon. If you understand that, and can karate kick a person off a moving horse, then I graduate you from Ninja Tech =D

Secondly, I work alone. It's kind of hard to stalk people when someone else is there I enjoy talking to.

Thirdly, I don't abduct girls. They're too dangerous. So Rebecca is safe. And so are you. Unless there's something you're not telling me... 0.o

-Someone blatantly mysterious.