Sunday, 28 September 2008

Joab is a cannibal

At church today, Kal and I shared touching stories of our babies. Our sweet and adorable babies. Kal is the father and I am the mother. We have 14 babies, but one is not expected to live much longer.

Joce guessed our babies. They are stripy and gluttons. They get their appetite from me - but not their ability to maintain a slim figure.

So what happens next? I was telling Joab about the babies, and you know what he said, "Silkworms are good to eat."

I told him he is not allowed over to our house.

"No, really, they're good! And full of protein!"

Later, Kal and I got a lift down to the Glen with Chris and Jas as we needed to buy food for the babies. And then:

"You know, you can infect silkworms with a type of fungus, and then they are really tasty," said Chris. He then proceeded to tell us all about this type of fungus. Even Jas was getting a bit grossed out. And as for Kal and me - well, they're our babies!

Then Chris told Jas that it was such and such a food, and Jas turned around to us and said, "You know, they're actually really nice."


Sam-Is-Mad said...

I've eaten witchedy grubs before. Live ones. But they are not BABIES.

joab said...

SEE! I'm not the only one!

Sam-Is-Mad said...

You are still not allowed over. Because you might eat our babies.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to know what to do as a father when you're surrounded by people you once thought were safe, but it turns out they want to eat your children... I mean, should I resort to defending with lethal weapons or just hiding with the kids under my blankets?

-The Fatherly Anon.

PS- I am gonna be an awesome dad when I grow up! Confused much?

Sam-Is-Mad said...

You so don't get to be Godfather. Because you would eat them.

From the mother

joce said...

*wonders what they would taste like* *coughs*

You really should remove the one that's dead. The others might catch whatever it died of.

Did you end up watching the movie?

Sam-Is-Mad said...

It's not dead yet. It keeps on reviving. But we've put it in quantentine, so that the others don't catch it and so that it can get food without having to compete with all the others.

gross shaun said...

Maybe the rest will eat the dead one up? Saves you the trouble.

That's what chickens do in less-than-ideal caged atmospheres.

Anonymous said...

The dead one is Monty. Monty is still alive, though he kinda looks burnt.

No one is eating Monty.

-From Monty's Dad.

joab said...

except bugs when Monty dies

Anonymous said...


So mean.