Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Reb Is Also Unobservant

I've briefly mentioned the fact that Reb is a crazy cat lady. Kal and I decided to mess with Reb's head over them. Except she hasn't noticed.

The cats as Reb remembers them.

The cats fight.

The cats make up.


Anonymous said...

I think you guys are the unobservant ones. I have already shifted the cats several times since your final shift and you have failed to notice any of the times.
And you still haven't noticed what I did to your bookshelf Sam. Go see if you can find it.
Love your housemate who rarely makes a personal appearance on your blog

Anonymous said...

... I feel violated and ill.


Sam-Is-Mad said...

Which bookshelf? I have 6 of them.

Hey Kal, I think I need to buy a new bookshelf or two. IKEA?

Sam-Is-Mad said...

And if you mean the picture hanging over two of them, you pointed them out to me.

Anonymous said...

Only if I can assemble them =D I liked making Billy.

Maybe discuss with Rebecca. She mentioned something about bookshelves and buying them and such.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

You can make Billy. I'm going to re-arrange - mover the desk and put one Billy on each side of Fred. Which will equal three Billy's. Which will hopefully hold most of my books.

I need to get more from my mums ASAP. Maybe next Sunday.

joab said...

you name your bookshelfs...?

Anonymous said...

There isn't much action when the cats fight.

It's more of a 'cold shoulder' thing.

Must be girl cat statues.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

No, but IKEA does.

And that is a whole long-running joke for me and Kal

Anonymous said...

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