Saturday, 27 September 2008

Maybe I Should Apologise

I lost my face mask a week and a half ago. Very annoying, because it keeps my skin looking less like one of my favourite foods. I had no idea where it had gone to.

I found it about 5 minutes ago. Outside. On the roof. Seriously.

It had blown/been knocked out of the bathroom window, and had laid on the little roof there.

So why do I need to apologise? Aside from to all of the people who have had to see my bad complexion in all its natural lack of glory. I need to apologise to Zoe and Hannah.

You see, I only was outside because I was hanging out my handwashing. And I only had handwashing because my beanie needed washing. And the only reason why my beanie needed washing was because Zoe and Hannah stole my beanie from my head and dumped water, sand and tanbark on it. As you might imagine, I was really cross. And I let them know that.

But if they hadn't, I would be stuck with bad skin for a long time. So I probably should apologise.

Man, God works in mysterious ways.

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