Saturday, 10 January 2009


Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. The truth is, I've been reading. You thought I read before. Ha! I pity such reading!

On Monday I read two books.
On Tuesday I read three.
Wednesday, another three.
Thursday, another three.
Friday, only two. But I read several chapters of another book, which was awful and I decided not to finish it. This meant that I didn't HAVE another book to read, because I'd already finished the other one I brought with me.
Today, I read three. And I'm a fifth of the way through another. I'm expecting to finish it.

So, 16 books so far this week. And another day to go.

I have done a few other bits and pieces. I listened to a few lectures on the history of the world. I've made some more progress on the toy lion I'm knitting. I listened to three audio sermons. I even went to work, TWCG, and caught up with Wesley friends (hence the 'only' two books on Monday).

I am on a roll. I am reluctant to pause for blogging, especially as funny stuff is not really happening at the moment. I'm too busy reading.


Anonymous said...

Something I need to publically declare:

After days of not being able to watch Fred, Rebecca has burnt it onto cd for me!

Yay! I got my Freds. I can act like a normal child now!

If only there was a book on Fred.


Sam-Is-Mad said...

Fred is awesome, except when you have a sick headache and he shrieks. Then he is less awesome and I symphasize with Kevin over the beating up.