Sunday, 4 January 2009

We Were Actually Nice Here...

well, we culd have given FAR worse answers.

These are Joab's answers for the Music Meme, because he is, in his own words, lazy, unliterary and unmusical.

1. What is your favourite song?
I’ve got the joy joy joy deep down in my heart. Joab has sucky taste in music.

2. Favourite artist / group?
Hillsong. See question 1 for the reason.

3. What is your fav. Beatles song?
Strawberry Fields. So he can sing it and then point out that Sam can’t eat strawberries.

4. What song do you detest?
Anything with meaningful lyrics and a non-cliché melody that deviates from the structure of verse 1 verse 2 chorus verse 3 bridge chorus x 2.

5. What song encapsulates your teenage years?
The Singapore National Anthem.

6. What song do you want to dance to / have sung at your wedding?
Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies.

7. What did you most recently listen to?

8. What odd instrument do you play / want to play?
Tambourine with dance movements.

9. Last musical event / concert you went to?

10. What do you want played at your funeral?
Amazing Grace.

11. Your 'social conscience' song?
Christians from Singapore don’t have social consciences. We have too much money.

12. What song sums you up? Why?
Jesus I am so in love with you (Joab, you should thank us for being thoughtful and nice about this selection).

Wow! Nearly all Joab’s stuff is Hillsong and Christian POP! That is because Christian Pop is awful and puts people in straightjackets! My Mom was in a straightjacket once. She was tied to a bed in a straightjacket! She said it wasn’t a good experience. I need my meds or else they’ll put me in a straightjacket!


joab said...

lol, i'll let you have your fun. only 9 is accurate actually :P

Anonymous said...

Our answers were awesome. We tried hard not to be mean.

You should watch Fred loses his meds. It's so cool =)


Sam-Is-Mad said...

It's like a fairy tale. It may not be TRUE, but it illustrates the greater truths of the human psyche.

Sorry for that, I studied kidlit at uni.

But at least we weren't TOO mean. Do you have any idea of the amount of songs we know with interesting lyrics?