Sunday, 4 January 2009

Enid Blyton Meme

Because you are all slackers I'm going to keep making up memes until lots of you all do them. Movie meme to follow by-and-by, and so will other ones as I think of them. Answer the memes or you shall suffer immensely.

1. What Enid Blyton book was your favourite?
The Secret Island. (The first in the 'Secret' series) Or Those Dreadful Children.

2. Who was your favourite Enid Blyton character?
Bets from the Five Find Outers. She's afraid of everything, is made fun of by all the others (except Fatty), but ALWAYS saves the day in the end.

3. What do you think of the various spin offs, and have you read any?The Famous Five spin offs suck. I read one and hated it. The TV show sucked too. I haven't read the St Clares spin offs (which are the 'missing years' books) but would like to by and by. I haven't read the Wishing Chair spin off (I think there's only one to date) but my sister has, and said it was really good. I HAVE read the Naughtiest Girl spin offs and I really like them. In fact, I just read one, hence the theme of this meme.

4. What is your opinion on the Noddy and Big-Ears contraversy, and about the other characters in Toyland?
They share a BED. And Big-Ears found Noddy wandering around without any clothes on. Need I say more? However, as a kid I never noticed this. In fact, I'm kinda oblivious, so I didn't notice even when I re-read them as a teenager. Until I found out about the contraversy, where-upon I laughed and laughed.

5. Which school story series was your favourite?
The St Clares series. There were TWINS. And no boys, which I found a draw-back for the Naughtiest Girl series. And the school wasn't run on communist lines. (The drawback to the Naughtiest Girl series.)

6. Which adventure / mystery series was your favourite?
The Five Find-Outers. Come ON! As if you can go past Fatty's costumes, or the secret ink, or any such things, or the fact that little timid Bets always ends up being the hero.

7. Who is your favourite author in the Enid Blyton style?
Antonia Forest, of the 'Term' series.

8. What kind of food in Enid Blyton style would you happily eat?
A moonlight picnic by a swimming pool. (From Claudine at St Clares, I THINK, but it might be the 4th or 5th Malory Towers book.) Of course, I don't actually like to swim, and swimming at night in dangerous, and swimming with food is probably not a good mix anyway. But who cares?

That and the strawberries. And if I was at St Clares or Malory Towers, then Joab would not be able to take them away from me! ;P

9. Which series would you rather live in? The Wishing Chair or The Enchanted Forest?
Enchanted Forest. There is a SLIDE in the TREE. That is like, my childhood ambition. To have a tree to the sky with a slide in it.

10. Favourite animal?
The monkeys. I want a pet monkey. Reb says I'm not allowed one. My mum said the same thing...


Anonymous said...

Yay! I’m the first to do it! I NEED MY MEDICATION.

1. My favourite was The Enchanted Wood.

2. My favourite character was Julien from The Naughtiest Girl series because he had dark messy hair and was incredibly smart, apathetic and naughty. As a young girl I thought that was cute. DON’T TEASE ME X.x

3. I haven’t read any spinoffs. I didn’t even know they existed. This makes me sad.

4. The Noddy and Big Ears controversy… this is probably just art(i.e. literature) students doing their usual thing by overanalysing and reading into it some completely obscure, awful meaning that revolves around sex after deciding to have a meaningful existence by doing their PhD on Noddy. Parents and children previously never noticed these things.

5. The Naughtiest Girl in the School and the Mallory Towers series were my favourite school series.

6. The Famous Five were my favourite mystery/adventure series. Mainly because of their descriptions of the feasts they had when they went on hiking trips. How they did manage to carry so much food? Also, George had a dog. I love dogs.

7. If you mean in terms of 1950’s adventure novels, then definitely W.E. Johns. He wrote about pilots, and war, and crime solving, and aeroplanes. How awesome. The Biggles series is the BEST EVER! I love it. <3 <--- my love for Biggles.

8. The food I would happily eat would be the huge banquets they seemed to have on their hiking trips in the Famous Five.

9. I’d rather live in the Enchanted Forest series because I like forests. Trees are awesome. Also, too many things seemed to go wrong with that Wishing Chair.

10. I like wolves a lot but don’t remember there being a Blyton story about them. Maybe the flying dogs that appeared in one Wishing Chair story.

I’m gonna ding-dong ditch Kevin’s house. Hahahahaha! Take that Kevin! That’s what you get for throwing a meat tray at me at lunch, you jerk!

-Anon needs its meds.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I thought Julian was good looking too! Messy black hair, green eyes... hey, he's beginning to resemble Harry Potter! ARGH! Julian is obviously WAY better looking!

Anonymous said...

I loved the way that locks of his black hair fell across his forehead into his eyes... kinda like an emo come to think of it.
We have awesome taste.


Sam-Is-Mad said...

And he was SMART. And he made weird noises to make Elizabeth laugh. And his eyes were GREEN. GREEN I say.

Anonymous said...

Green eyes are lovely. Green eyes and dark messy hair =D

Anonymous said...


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