Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sam Is A Hero

Stuff part 2:

I am a hero. That's right. I am so awesome. I am a hero. Fiona always said I was James Bond.

The backdrop:

My kids like to make whistling sounds. The problem is, when you're four whistling is not easy. So you find something that makes the whistling sound for you. Something like a whistle... or a drink bottle lid.

And of course, Tia inhaled the drink bottle lid. And was choking. She started to go purple. It's not a good colour. I yelled to Zoe to go get Maggie, and Zoe asked, "Why?" I then yelled to Mishu to go get Maggie. Mishu looked at me and immediately obeyed. Maggie was slower. I flipped Tia and whacked her back until it came up. It was all over before any other teachers were even in the play-ground.

That's right, I'm awesome. And pop-top lids are BANNED.


shaun said...

There's a lesson here, something about trusting and obeying the Lord...

On another note, if pop-top lids are banned, Sam, why did you still bring them to class?

Notty, notty.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

They are banned NOW. Not then.

And the lesson is, 'don't whistle on things that are not whistles'.