Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Night of Awesomeness

No, I'm not dead. I've been busy. Doing... stuff. Really I have!

So, stuff part one outlined:

Not Australia Day Sunday (NOT Chinese New Year Sunday, Australia Day, because I am AUSTRALIAN (sort of) and not Chinese and so you better wish me a happy Australia Day and not Happy New Year) but the Sunday BEFORE that, we went dancing.

Well, before that I went out to see Steph, T, Claire, Winnie and Alan. And before that I went to church. And these things were both very nice, but not very blogsworthy. I got several invites to go swing dancing. On the third invite, I went.

It was AWESOME. I bought the band's CD. Kal and I danced together like retards, Alicia danced beautifully, Jean-Marc danced well, Adrian danced very well, but not as well as Alicia.

Then, we went home.

You think the story ends there! Ha! You are WRONG!

Kal and I were on the train back, and there was this guy, who was more than moderately good-looking. A bit young for us (around 20-22) but good looking. And then the train stopped, and a lady got on, barged her way to some seats, so that she wouldn't have to sit next to two other people who were getting on - an elderly Chinese couple. The man sat down next to an Indian man, but the lady sat down next to the lady, who was very obviously taking up seats so she wouldn't have to sit next to them. The lady jumped up, made a racist remark, and the good looking boy came to the defence of the Chinese lady. Racist lady went off at good looking boy, several times, Ticket Inspecters (who have done nothing to stop racist lady) start to ask the good looking boy to move to the next carriage. Where upon everyone else in the carriage jumped to his defence. The ticket inspecters moved racist lady to the next carriage, where she began to phone her friends tomar the wonderful creation that was the good looking boy. Ticket inspecters still oblivious. They were alerted to this, and then they stopped her.

It was an eventful night.

Kal and I are taking up swing dancing. What are the odds that good looking boy will be there...?


Anonymous said...

Yay! You posted! This makes me happy, whereas before I was sad because it's too hot to dance and I got locked outside.

I'm glad you've told the world about the heroics of the good looking boy. He was very cute... dark hair, blue eyes... and personally I don't think he was too young =D


Sam-Is-Mad said...

A few more yabbie seasons...

Anonymous said...

Aww Sam! How could you say that in reference to such a lovely and heroic person?!

I can never think of him the same way again... =(

And now I'm thinking of peaches and nectarines! This is just getting worse X.x


Sam-Is-Mad said...

There are so many dodgy comments I could make here... but boys might read my blog. Or innocent people, like Reb...

So see me for dodgy comments about fruit. I already have several replies...