Sunday, 22 February 2009

Random Things Everyone Should Know

- Angela needs to die. She is a minion gone bad.
- My criteria as explained to Angela: Male. Single. Straight. Over the age of 22. Under the age of 30. Wants children. Not one of your school teachers.
- If you wear your hair in pig tails, at least two people will tug them. One will do this pretty much every time you wear your hair in pig tails, the other will be a random person who changes every time.
- If you wear your hair in pig tales, at least one person from KFC will tell you that you look "so cute".
- I am now paranoid about my arms. This is the fault of Keith, who told me I had HBF. I then clarified: "You're saying I have fat arms?" "No, I'm saying your arms are fat." Why I am concerned I don't know. It's KEITH. But I am.
- I can do the Charleston and the Macarina AT THE SAME TIME. Video hopefully to follow.
- I can understand Danish, but only if I'm not concerntrating. Which is pretty good, considering I've never spoken Danish in my life. It also helps when one of your students is a Danish kid with no English.
- Kal and I change name-tags at places other than church. We did at dancing yesterday.
- When you change your name-tag, the same people will notice every time. In more or less the same order. Joab, Joce, Allan, Creighton, Denise, Angela.

On to making a food meme. Or a video of me doing the Charlesterina.


Mark Kolb said...

Name tags should be fun and say something informative about yourself besides your name. A place to make unique nametags is NameTag.ME

shaun said...

This year I should be more observant.

Far too many girls have slipped past my radar with their hair cut, weight gained or lost and their name tags switched without me noticing (although I wasn't in church for the past four weeks and girls call a snip as long as nose hair 'a hair cut').

So girls, if you see me staring at you for too long, that's me being observant!

Hmm...I noticed I only said girls, not guys...that shows I'm normal. Woo hoo!

And let me guess, Angela was trying to set you up with every boy in church, ai? Again?

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Yes, she was. That was why she brought you over to me. It was so I could inspect you.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

On the bright side, you're single, straight, and in the right age range.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Which shows that at least she listened to my main criteria.

shaun said...

What inspecting? You were busy talking to Amy, so I didn't want to distoib you.

Maybe you have a third eye somewhere. Or six cents.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

That goes under the category of "Shaun needs to be more observant".

Alternatively, you can be less so. It'd be less embarassing for me that way.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Luckily, not too many boys are observant like that. Because that would have caused more embarassment.

And even I have limits to the amount of embarassment I can handle.

shaun said...

yes, it's just the matter of finding that limit.

How much embarassment can I dish out before I get embarassed myself? It's like...kill before I get killed!