Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Not only are my children going to be austic, but they'e also going to be unco

My standard comment about all the lovely autistic kids I've worked with is that I'm clearly going to have one. Why else would I have taught so many of them? So far I'm u to 2 regulars (in just over a year of regular teaching), an austic kid in nearly every class I taught when I was doing relief teaching, and a sibling of two of my favourite kids is also autistic. That is way WAY more than normal.

But back to my kids. And the fact that they are going to be in and out of hospital with injuries.

Remember Tia?

Well, yesterday, I got to use my first aid skills again. Yay!

Alex (not Alec, Alex) tripped on his own feet, and hit his head on the shelf. No signs of damage, so I gave him a hug. The phone rang, so I picked him up, stuck him on my hip, and went over to answer the phone. It was Lucy, wanting to talk about Maggie's baby's crackers. I turned and looked at Alex, and there was BLOOD everywhere. I then realise that I'm not sweaty from failed air-con above the phone. No, I'm covered with blood.

Alex looks at me and says, "I'm bleeding!" I took the kid off my hip, sat him down, and pressed a paper towl to his head. The other Sam walked into our room, and went to get Rochelle. The reliever is happily scrubbing cups in the bathroom, in full view of me and a child covered with blood, and a bunch of other kids trying to find out what's happening. Eventually Maggie comes downstairs, and I tell her about Felicity's crackers.

Lucy then walks in, and says, "You have blood in your hair too."

Erin then comes off of her break, realises that the cups are probably not the priority at the moment, and takes the other kids outside. Rochelle comes in to tell me that Alex's mum is on her way.

I keep Alex calm, clean him up a little once the blood has stopped, so that his mum isn't totally freaked out.

Maggie wants me to be the first aid officer now rather than Erin. I seem to be the only one using my first aid skills. I said no. First aid officer needs to make sure that we have plenty of bandaids in the first aid box. As if I'd remember that!

Clearly my children are going to be unco and bleed everywhere and choke on things all the time. As long as it isn't the autistic children bleeding everywhere. That could be interesting. Imagine trying to calm down a bleeding autistic kid.


Anonymous said...

Being covered in blood isn't fun. Even if you liked blood (like a vampire) it would still be disturbing. It's like being covered in icecream... no matter how much you like icecream, being covered in it in public is DISTURBING.

Were you disturbed?
I am. I think I disturbed myself.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

That, and the fact that ice-cream doesn't usually come from a small child.

And when it does, it's extra gross.

joab said...

Sam, it's your kids. with a mom like you even your NORMAL kids will get hurt somehow or other...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I object to that. I will never have normal kids.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Although, my kids will be like, "I don't want to jump off hte roof, it's too high," and I'll be like, "Are you chicken?" and then they'll jump and break their leg.

Because only NORMAL kids break their legs doing stupid things. Kids like me brekk their legs carrying things for teachers - and are still willing to throw themselves off of scaffolding for the next three days for a school play.