Monday, 4 May 2009

The Bread

So, I went home after church and cooked. Because that's my current obsession. And I like to be, well, obsessed with my obsessions.

So I made ice-cream. It tastes good... but wasn't quite what I wanted.
I made soup. It tastes good... and Kal loves the brothy soups... but I wasn't happy.
So I decided to make bread. Because clearly the best idea is to make food you've never made before in an oven you've never used before in a cold kitchen when your cooking isn't exactly going to plan.

And I never actually follow recipes.

So, after not exactly following the recipe this is what I got...

I was rather pleased with it!


- k o R i - said...

it does look yummy!

shaun said...

Oh oh you should tell me the recipe and how not to follow it exactly.

Wait a minute, not follow recipe exactly?


You don't belong in a kitchen!

You should go on Ready, Steady, Cook.

I shall go to sleep now.