Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Mmm... Cake...

So what cakes do you guys want to eat for the Sunday before the day of doom?
Any suggestions?
Any suggestions of spongecake, especially from spongecake eaters, will be ignored.

My suggestions:
- Chocolate cake
- Merigues
- Something with lots of delicious strawberries that mean spongcake eaters won't be able to take away from me because it shall be a day of loveliness and doom
- Banana cake
- Choc-chili cake

Your turn!

Suggestions I like will be made, and brought to church for you to enjoy. Steph and other Wesley friends, you can make sugggestions, and either come to church and eat cake or I'll re-make some other time.


shaun said...

Meringues are way hard to make, mind you. Tried making some last mother's day but ended up with deflated white nasties which have bits of baking paper stuck to the bottom.

But if you make strawberry-stuffed cake, that means poor lil' ol' youz will have nothing to eat because soemone or two will make it their life mission to prevent you from eating it, whereas people like me will have extra to eat...

(catches myself on time)

I suggest you make someting with strawberries...and chocolate.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I've made meringues before a few times and I've never had any issues. That's because they are desserts. I just naturally make awesome desserts.

And if I make strawberry cake, I WILL be eating it. Mean people will just have to go and cry.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I'll sing as I eat,

"It's my birthday; I'll get hives if I want to, hives if I want to, hives if I want to. You'd get hives too if you were allergic."

So the last part doesn't rhyme? So what? It's my birthday I won't rhyme if I don't want to....

Anonymous said...

That was the most beautiful cover of that song I have ever read!

It brings tears to my eyes.


joce said...

I think the types of cake we like are very different. :P I like Taro cake...and chestnut cake...and...yeah ^^;;

Mudcake though will be loved. ^^ Especially if it has strawberries in the middle. Cake + fresh fruit = yumm!

joce said...

btw if you don't like sponge cake, you don't like lamingtons either?

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Lamintons are yucky. Sponge is yucky, coconut is yucky. = yucky.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

So, the list is at the moment:

- Carrot cake, because Joab hates it
- Choc-strawberry mud cake, because Joab won't be able to stop me from eating it
- Something Joab likes that I'm not going to let him eat.

Notice a theme running here. That'll teach the boy to traumatise me and not remember it.

And Joab, in your mind, join carrot cake and lions together. Hopefully you will now remember why I'm traumatised.