Sunday, 10 May 2009

Spongecake... eww...

Now that I have a kitchen to cook innmeans I'm kind of going overboard with the whole cooking thing. Overrboard meaning that Kal and I are going to be extremely fat by... next week. Overboard as in I cooked multiple items on Saturday.
- Raspberry Sorbet
- Oat banana bread
- Carrot/Zuchinni muffins (renamed 'vegetarian cupcakes' by Joab)
- Chocolate carrot cake
Of course, if Kal and I eat all that, we'd be fat. And we're both pretty slender - for now.

So what to do? Church picnic lunch to the rescue!

We took everything except the oat loaf (we had several oat rolls, which we took) and the sorbet, which isn't exactly known for easy travel. We also took some of Kal's cooking and some toffees I had cooked earlier in the week.

Most people liked the food. Denise has requested more toffees for her birthday next week, and Ian really enjoyed the carrot cake. Joab alone was sceptical. He wouldn't even try most of the food. What he tried he didn't like. He then insulted my cooking for a second week in a row. I told Shaun to hit him. Shaun obliged. Shaun, you're awesome.

Kal's comment was, "Well, I bet Joab eats spongecake."


joab said...

actually, I do, are you going to make sponge cake =P

Sam-Is-Mad said...

No, because sponge cake is disgusting.

See also:

joce said...

I like sponge cake too...when its has cream and bits of fruit in the middle... (actually that is my favourite cake...with a close second being baked cheesecake)


Sam-Is-Mad said...

Spongecake is gross. Dried fruit is gross. With the exceptions of dates and craisons.

I'm never cooking spongecake. Not even for my husband if he cries. It's THAT BAD.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Cheesecake is also very yucky. Not as yucky as spongecake, but very yucky.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Chocolate cake - that I'll make.

And once I made chocolate cheesecake. It even tasted okay.

Although the cheesecake-ness soiled it.

joce said...

Oh not dried fruit. Fresh fruit and cream. Asian spongecake. Like the spongecake from Breadtop. *happy expression*

Mind you, I don't like chocolate cake. Because it never lives up to my expectations of chocolate goodness. Mudcake is okay. Chocolate cheesecake makes me feel queasy after I eat it...