Sunday, 31 May 2009

Kal Receives Love Advice

In recent times, Kallie has been the recipricant of love advice from three very strange individuals. I thought I'd record it for prosterity.

From Rebel, the church leader (who actually has a boyfriend)
- Hang around him and MAKE SURE he notices you.
- Don't talk to leadership - they will wreck everything.

From Joab, the spiritually mature (single) boy:
- Kal, you should get a boyfriend. One who will treat you like a child and keep you warm.
- You need to say to boys in your care group "I'm going to raise you up so you can be my boyfriend."

From Sam, the spiritually immature, non-JG, single girl:
- Find something you have in common.


joab said...

it was a joke.... sighs...

joce said...

LOL Joab!!!

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Kal's waiting for you to write a book called, "How to get a boyfirends and other handy hints."

Sam-Is-Mad said...

What I want to know is, why don't I have a boyfriend who will treat me like a child a keep me warm?