Sunday, 24 February 2008

Joab's Car

On the way back from church, we passed Joab in his new car. Kallie and I were oblivious but Rebecca noticed. So Kallie and I, being evil, started talking.

K: We should steal his car.

S: Absolutely. How are we going to do this?

K: I'll open the car door and scratch his paint.

S: But I thought we were going to steal it. I don't want to steal a stratched car.

K: No, because then he'll get out of the car, and come out and yell at us. And we'll blame Rebecca, and while he's distracted, we'll jump out and get in his car and drive away, and do burn outs.

S: And we'll go to church next week and Joab'll say, "That car looks familiar..."

K: And we'll tell him that we just moved his car off of the middle of the road, and it wanted to come and live with us. And then we could give a testimony in church that we have been driving around for a week with no liscence, and we haven't been fined or pulled over.

S: Or killed anyone!

There the conversation ended, because I was laughing so hard I had a coughing fit.


Joab said...

Terrible! TERRIBLE PEOPLE! and I concede, I did not get the joke then, but still,


Sam-Is-Mad said...

But you love us, all the same.

Love Kallie and Sam (and Rebecca too, if she was here, but she's at your house having a meeting).

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam.

I have an illustration for you, but I can't send it to you b'cos I don't have your email address (atleast... I don't think I do). SO aNYway, this is a reminder for you to get it from me.

Also, if you see a godzilla/rabbit roaming the streets it's just Stocky. She got out of the boys' yard and I'm having issues getting her back in. Grr.

Ciao mon ami.

Love Kallie.