Thursday, 28 February 2008

Joab's Car Part 2

We decided that we can't take our lives into our own hands by driving without a liscence. So we're going to get Scottie to drive for us.

The fact that Scottie is a seven week old cat is irrelevent.

Here is a picture (by Kallie)


joab said...

Well, I must say Kallie draws well, and I suspect Scottie would be a better driver then the two girls, only is it Scottie or Scotty? better check with Peri hmm =)

Sam-Is-Mad said...

1. His name is Scot. But we call him Scottie.

2. I am seriously insulted that you doubt my driving skills. My impatience, lack of depth perception, and generally bad reflexes mean NOTHING in this respect. How COULD you? :P

3. Rebecca is right. The truly Christian thing would be to give us the car. And some money for petrol. And Kallie wouldn't mind an aeroplane.

Love Sam, Kallie and Rebecca.

joab said...

1. Hmm, no one told me

2. Very easily?

3. Thou shalt not steal.
Thou shalt not covet.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

1. The early church had no personal possessions. Acts 4:22-35. Therefore, you should give you car to us.

2. Jesus revealed the true spirit of the O.T. law. We are no longer bound by the letter of the law, but are now free to follow the greatest commandments, on which all others hang. Namely, love the Lord your God and to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF (hi neighbour).

3. What's yours is mine, and what's mine is ours. :P (from Little Rascals).

4. You can have my house. But the mortgage goes with it.

5. We await delievery of your car. Please be prompt.

Love the girls (and Scottie).

joab said...

1. Ahhh... but then I don't seem to have use of whatever you 3 "own" and Scottie for that matter.

2. The Ten commandments give examples of how you should love each other. Also see Eph 4:28

3. No, no, no, no, you see, that's wrong, if I took the mortgage, then you would be SELLING me the house, which is no good see.

4. Having never seen the Little Rascals I don't subscribe to that philosophy.

5. You might get a subpeona and and a restraining order instead.