Monday, 11 August 2008

Day Two

was yesterday. And I spent about half of it crying. I lie. It was probably more than that. I got to church, and started crying. Cried through most of the service (hopefully no one thought I was touched by God, because I wasn't, I was just tired) but was still able to take notes. Which was good. Finished the service, continued crying. Went out for lunch, did more crying. Cried in Auntie Daisy's car, cried at home in between naps. You might be able to see a pattern to my day.

But I'd like to thank a few people. Joab and Shaun, you're both very funny, and were by far the most helpful people at cheering me up (Sean too, but he doesn't read my blog). Joc, thanks for not asking if I was okay. And Reb, thanks for generally taking care of me, because I know I'm a real grump.

That's about it. Thanks everyone!

1 comment:

Shaun said...

so i was half right with the sniffles

funny bunch them. Their signature move is sniffling their forefingers.