Wednesday, 20 August 2008

On My Blog

I got an email from someone I mooched from. Here is it's contents:

"I read your blog very fun. When you get those lots of kids, you want,you might get that chronic fatique. I just call it motherhood syndrome."

Well, Steph doesn't have kids (yet, but I'm praying) and apparently people with CFS feel great while they-re pregnant. It's afterward that is the real downer.

Incidentally, her mooch name is 8izenuff.

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Show No Remorse said...

Mooch...weird word.

Joke time:

One day I saw the word smooch.
I thought it was disgusting.
So I dealt extreme prejuduce,
Kiss your gluteus maximus goodbye!
Then it became mooch.

I thought the irony was cute.

Staying up until 2am is fun.