Monday, 4 August 2008

Yay! I Sparked a Contraversy.

On Proverbs 18:22

snboy said...
In respond to Proverbs 18:22, I advise reading 1 Cor 7. Read at own risk, ye womyn who seek a husband.

Unless they can't control themselves, of course.

But Paul has every single boy in church in mind when he said v28.

And no attacking Paul. That's not counted.

I replied:
Um, I'd like to point out some basic things about the people whom Paul was writing to.

Verse 26 - "Because of the present crisis". In other words, if you're in danger of being a human torch to light up one of Nero's parties, then it probably isn't a good idea to get married. Because it'd probably suck if your wife and kids are up there, burning along side of you.

I don't know who snboy is. I'm going to assume that SN means from Singapore. And that boy means he's a boy. Which has narrowed it down to about half the boys in the church. Plus anyone else who just happened to stop by my blog.


Joab said...

It's shaun....

snboy said...

No it's not.

Shaun said...

Let me draw attention to important clues to snboy's identity, who should be none other than Sam:

Take Sam's name.
Samantha RawsoN

The first and last letters of her name clearly form 'SN'. Sam must have chosen them because they show symmetry (girls can't help liking stuff like these) and she must also have thought it to be a clever idea at the time.

And why 'boy', you ask? 'cos boys are more fun to talk to. PLUS, she can use this cover to say any nasty thing she wants and put the blame on guys, making them sound like jerks and morons. Clever.

Why the elaborate deception? Since her Sunday post, she has been peeved at not getting any challenges to her controversial issues, so because she has so much spare time, she creates her own controversy using a different alias. Essentially, she's talking to herself.

Hopefully, this clears my name and stops the reign of 'snboy' from further giving bad names to boys and singporeans and most of all, me.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I am not SNboy. I am NOT a boy. And I would have chosen a way cooler country than Singapore... ;P

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I think I need to leave the country now. The Singaporeans are going to get me!