Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I woke up tired. I'd only had 2 asthma attacks that I woke up for, and I think that I slept through one, which at the moment is really good. But I still woke up tired and sore.

I mucked about on the net for a while, finished Invitation to the Dance, then I walked down to Chadestone. I've walked that before, but that was when I was stressed and full of adrenalin. Walking it yesterday was quite tiring. I bought groceries, mostly for cooking stuff for CG, and then, because it was raining, caught the bus back.

I then set out to cook some choc-studded honey wafers. They were delicious. I only ate two after cooking. I packed some for Rebecca to take to the Frankston prayer meeting, and the rest for me to take to Waverley.

Of course, I forgot that a few people would be fasting dinner. But out of all my regular readers, only one person turned down the cookies, and only a few other people did too. So, reader who didn't eat cookies, if you were fasting, I'm very sorry for tempting you with delicious cookies. If you were not fasting, then I'm not sorry and you missed out. :P

I then got home, and started reading Anthem. It was really interesting. Very well written. I wasn't planning on finishing it, just on reading a few chapters. I did finish it. Then I wrote out my to-do list for today and went to bed.

Regarding today - I went on Bookmooch and found that another book had been mooched. I was surprised to see that it was an Australian mooch, because my points had jumped up quite a bit. So I looked over at my points records to see whether any of my requested books had been cancelled. They hadn't - I'd been given 4 'smooches' of points from someone who had earlier mooched a book from me. It was great, because the book was really heavy and cost a fair bit to post to the UK. I actually considered rejecting it (and another one to the US) because it was going to cost such a bit. But I decided that I was going to get 3 points, and that's three books from Australia, so it was worth it. And then I got the smooches! 7 points! 7 books from Australia, or 3 1/2 from overseas!

Yay! Let's spend bookmooch points!


Joab said...

I'm was sick and you're doing too much.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

You missed out. The cookies were good and it aint happening again until I have another long time off work. Which will not be for ages.

And I'm not DOING too much. I just expect myself to do too much. I'm not actually doing all the stuff on my list. As I shall say in my next post.

- k o R i - said...

would the cookies have survived if you fedex'd it to malaysia? =X

Sam-Is-Mad said...

They didn't even survive the five minutes after Touching Heaven!

Anonymous said...

I missed out on the COOKIES! NOOOO.....!