Saturday, 9 August 2008


Today is day 1 of my nine days of non-work. I know I am supposed to be resting. I am, really I am. I slept in until midday. However, I also:

- Did a load of washing
- Read 2 books (one half done, the other from start to finish)
- Started another book (I expect to finish it)
- Listened to an audio sermon
- Read a few chapters of 2 non fiction books - one on Genesis, one on the Australian Ballet School.

What I hope to do in the 4 or so hours remaining:
- Another load of washing
- Some maths
- Finish the book I'm reading
- Listen to another audio sermon or two
- Read some more of my non-fic books, and continue reading a bit of another one, which is on the Normans. Did you know they conquered Spain, but that that conquest is usually undeplayed as it was an independent affair, while their conquest of England, which was done via monarch, was actually of lesser cultural significance. Interesting, though I don't know if the author was considering the perspective of the change in English religion from what was in many ways a pre-Protestant Protestantism, to Catholism. Because that really shaped lots, especially once the Reformation starts.
- Tidy my bedroom. I know, it's about the tidiest room in the house. But I don't think it is tidy. I try to stay out of Reb and Kal's rooms, they are VERY MESSY. And Reb still has boxes in the living room. Not in the kitchen since I sorted them (and our cupboards, which are things of beauty) on my last sick day.

That's about it for today's list. I like having days off!

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Sam-Is-Mad said...

What have I got done? I did the load of washing, finished the book, listened to 2 audio sermons, and read a bit more of my book on Genesis and started a devotional book. I didn't tidy my room any more than picking up about five bits of paper and putting them in the recycle. But hey, I can't do everything.