Sunday, 17 August 2008

Free Books for All

I have about a million bookmooch points. I lie. At the moment I have 75.6 - however, as soon as I can go over to my mum's with someone with a car (probably Reb) I will be picking up some more boxes of books, many of which will be listed for mooching.

And so, all my devoted readers, the about 7 of you, feel free to browse and see what you want. If there are any books you want, email me their details (samismad @ hotmail . com) and let me know, and I'll try and mooch them for you. It isn't a guarentee, especially if they are from overseas. But you can have as many books as you want.

I do have to know you, so if you're stopping by my blog and don't know me, either sign up for bookmooch yourself (it's free) or come along to church and introduce yourself. If I know you, then just email me or pass the details at CG / Touching Heaven / Church / the ballet / etc. Even mean people can mooch.


Joab said...

I'll have a looksey. I'd rather be mean than trying to resuscitate you thank you very much

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I don't die, I just get hives. Which are ugly and itch. But death does not await Samanthas who eat too many strawberries.

Plus, you do not get to resus me. Not unless there are no girls about.