Sunday, 17 August 2008

Joab is Mean, Jonathon is Hopeless

So, at church today, I am happily eating the food everyone has brought. I have a slice of pizza, a doughnut, and TWO strawberries. Yummy, delicious strawberries. And as I'm walking about, comtemplating the deliciousness of strawberries, I hear this sound...


You know you're in trouble when you hear your last name. I looked up and smiled innocently, as if to say, "Who, me?"

"STRAWBERRIES!" Joab said.

I decided to make my exit. I dashed behind the crowds of students, then calmly exited, pleased that my strawberries, my delcious red strawberries, were safe. And then I was accousted by Cors.

"Is that a good idea?" And she TOOK my strawberries away. "No more!" she said.

I was sad. Having lost my strawberries, it was safe to go talk to Joab. "Corina took my strawberries," I said mournfully.

"I know, I told her to."

"But... my strawberries..."

"You are ALLERGIC."

"But... strawberries..."

He lacked sympathy. Mean boy. I went over to Reb to tell her all about it. Apparently she is going to congratulate both Joab and Cors when she next sees them. I've managed to get strawberries past Emily, Keith, Kien, and even her. Because they are not mean. Finding that Reb lacked sympathy, I went and told Jocelyn. She had sympathy. Until Joab joined the conversation and pointed out to her that I am allergic to strawberries. Mean.

Then I went back to the YPG table, and told Jonathon. He said, "Don't worry, have some tomatoes." As if you could compare TOMATOES with STRAWBERRIES.

Mean. Very mean Joab. :(


Anonymous said...

I'm joining Rebecca's side. I'll be sure to congratulate Corz and Joab :P

They are mighty warriors that can withstand the wrath of Sam! (no small feat!)


BTW I do hope that Steph comes on Sunday! Look forward to meeting her- after hearing so much about her and seeing the wedding photos!

luv ME...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Argh! Who is "Me"?

Kal, is that you?

Anonymous said...

Nope. It is not me.

Love Kallie

PS- I wish I was there to see the authorities confiscating your strawberries. Your annoyed face = priceless =D