Saturday, 16 August 2008

Please Pray For Steph

Most of my readers haven't met Steph, though a few of you will have seen photos from my blog. She's one of my closest friends from high school. As several of you know, Steph has chronic fatigue. Recently, when travelling with her husband Tennessee and her family her legs gave way. She now needs a wheelchair to get to and from uni, and for many other aspects of her daily life. She can stand and walk for a short time, up to 15 minutes.

If you could all be praying that Steph would dance before the Lord. This prayer incorporates 3 aspects:
1. Healing of her legs and of chronic fatigue
2. Steph's salvation
3. Steph loves dancing! She hasn't been able to really do so since getting sick in (I think) 1999. (Sorry if I'm wrong on the year Steph, I'm horrible with dates).

Thank you all for your prayers!

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