Monday, 24 May 2010

My Hair Is Exactly the Same

Last Sunday, Shaun came up to me with a glare on his face. "You've done a grave, grave thing," he said.

"What?" I said, completely confused.

"You CUT your HAIR."

"I didn't." Shaun looked sceptical. "Really I didn't." It took a bit of convincing, but I think he ended up convinced that I hadn't cut my hair BECAUSE I HADN'T.

Tuesday, and Ilanit, one of our regular relievers, was in. "Oh, Sam, look at your hair! Did you cut it? It looks nice!"

"No, I did not cut it, but thanks."

Wednesday, and Maryam looked at me strangely. "Is your hair different?"

"No, it is exactly the same as it was yesterday, and all the days before that."

"You didn't colour it?"

"No, I've never coloured my hair."

Ilanit joined in, saying how I looked really different, very nice. They then started talking about all the different things they thought I had done to my hair. I tried to tell them that I'd done nothing, but to no avail. Not until Alethea joined in and said, "She hasn't done anything to her hair, she's in love." Which at least sent the conversation in a whole new direction.

Friday, and I was sitting in the staffroom, and Simone looked at me. "Is your hair different?"

"No, it isn't. But everyone keeps asking me that."

"Hmm, that's strange. It looks different. It suits you."

Saturday evening, and I was out with friends for Winnie's party. Adam and Hoang came to pick me up. Adam looked at me and asked, "Have you straightened your hair or something?"

"Adam, I was BORN with STRAIGHT HAIR. I have not done anything to my hair."

"It looks good, whatever you did to it."

"I didn't do anything to it, Apparently it's because I'm in love."

"Is it with me?"


"Oh well. Your hair looks nice anyway."

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Joab said...

ROFL!!!! at least I didn't ask that =P