Friday, 14 May 2010

General Ramblings

I'm at home today. Feeling sick. 4 days off in under two weeks, each feeling like I'm going to vomit. Changing dirty nappies when you feel like you're going to be sick is not a great idea, so I went home on the Monday last week, and yesterday, and then both times took the day afterwards. On the bright side, I feel ok as long as I don't move around too much. So just taking it easy at home, doing some artwork, some knitting, some reading, and other bits and pieces that build up over time. What with being sick for so many days I'm actually catching up. It almost makes me want to take leave so I can catch up completely. Except I'm not allowed to take leave until Rochelle gets back, and I want to save up my leave so I can either take a proper holiday, or get lots of cash to pay for adoption fees or a wedding, whichever comes first.

Stephen sold me and Kal vitamins last night. Yay for vitamins. I'll have to actually take them - haven't yet. Waiting until I feel like eating more than 1/4 of a bowl of porridge, because you should never take vitamins on an empty stomach.

My drawings are causing Kal to speculate as to who I like. And no, it isn't who everyone thinks it is. Except that Kal now knows. So there. Everyone else is wrong. If you're not from church, feel free to phone me to talk (read, gossip) about it. If you are from church, then my mouth is shut.

Speaking of which, there are way too many boys who like Kallie and I. It's funny. None of them are doing anything. Kallie is extremely relieved. She has offered to swap her admirers for mine. Nothing doing. Her admirers are atrocious. We actually call one of them Creepy Boy. That's how much we like him. Mine are all nice, normal boys, who may or may not have a chance with me. That said, anyone has a better chance with me than Creepy Boy. He's creepy.

Half night prayer tonight. Will be interesting. Combining with other centres is always interesting. Lots of cross-centre couples. This gives Sam lots of spying opportunities. Mwa-ha-ha!

Work is ok at the moment. Getting busier, which is not great, because I am too lazy. Extra lazy at the moment, as under the weather. I shall have a nap later in preperation for the prayer meeting.

No, Steph, we do not stay home when we are sick. We go to church so that people can pray for us. I'm not contagious, but other people have come into church contagious. Joab is a terrible offender with this. The boy once came to church with the flu. I was not impressed. People with the flu need to die quietly at home and not around me.

I have CPR and epi-pen training tomorrow. And the Trivia Night. If anyone wants to come, just let me know. Last I heard we're still looking for two more people. I'm going to be a wreck by Monday.

I need groceries. I was holding out til pay-day (last night) and now I have no food in my cupboards. It makes me sad. I shall buy dairy-free chocolate, and then I shall be happy.

Carpets will be cleaned tomorrow. YAY!

Potential new housemate. Christian girl called Wen. This lead to interesting conversations with Stephen as to how to pronounce her name. He said that we were pronoucing it as When. I said, no, just because you pronounce When as Wen doesn't mean that her name becomes not-Wen. He was technically right about the pronouciation of her name, which is Chinese. I am right about the pronouciation of When. And afterwards I annoyed him by calling him Stephen Tan rather than Stephen Tahn, which is apparently how it is pronounced.

Wen is nice. I like her. She is a real librarian. Not like the Rebel, who just looked like a librarian. She asked what would make us not like her. I told her not to insult me, and to do her own dishes. She asked if she told me my hair looked bad would that be considered insulting. I said no, but saying that I was too insane to get a boyfriend would be.

Wen also took the fact that I want 20 children in her stride. Lisa, who helped Stephen sell us vitamins, nearly choked. That's the best reaction. I occasionally think about upping the numbers, just so I can get it more often. But I already scare away enough boys with the 20, so I guess it will stay like that.

Desperado's family are attempting to move from our garden to our house. I HATE MICE. I need a hero who can save me, like Stephen saved Kallie from the cockroach.

Kallie doesn't mind mice, not compared to cockroaches, which are doom to her. I tell her to wait until the mice and the cockroaches breed. Then there will be little furry cockroaches that poo everywhere. I will have a breakdown.

My sister is giving us snake skins to get rid of the mice. No mice in my house. Not with snake skins. Yes, my sister has a snake. Mum finally caved.

Off to get groceries. Hope you all enjoyed my random rambling.

Will post more artwork later. Promise.


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