Monday, 3 May 2010

The Chickadees Get Religious

It's interesting working in childcare. There are so many different kids, and they are so honest about everything. And the awesome thing is that so many of them have such a great faith.

Sophie was sitting down with several other children and a staff member, reading a book. All of the sudden, she pumped her fist into the air. "Jesus lives!" she shouted.

Sasha's birthday is in May. She is having a birthday party (apparently she is going to invite me). She has asked for a Jesus cake. Apparently the baker can in fact make this for her. She told me it's because she really loves Jesus, so He gets to be part of her birthday party.

Ingrid was eating dinner (with her family, at home) when she said in an accusatory tone, "Mum, why didn't you take me to church today?"

"Because it's Tuesday..." said her Mum.

"You never take me to church!"

"I did! On Sunday."

"We should go more often. Can we go tomorrow?"

Ingrid also says grace before all meals, including now at work. She sings, ala nun style, "Thank-you-Lord-for-this-food, A-a-a-MEN!"

And from my memories, Ella (Sophie's big sister) used to preach to the other kids. She actually stood on her chair at lunchtime and told them all that Matthew 52:16 said that Jesus loved them, and that they needed to love Jesus, and ask Jesus to live in their hearts.

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