Thursday, 13 May 2010

I Stalk Shaun Over the Internets

As some of you may remember from an earlier post, poor Shaun wasn't on my photo frame. Well, obviously that's not okay, so I decided to stalk him so that I could have a photo of him to show all the kiddos.

That's right, I'm a stalker.

Actually, photos of people from our church are very easy to come by, even when you don't have facebook. Antonius has a photo site. That's where I got my picture.

So I was showing the kids my new pictures, I said, "This is my friend Shaun. I had to stalk him over the internet to get a picture of him where he wasn't dressed as an Incredible."

Maddie, who used to think Shaun was the best, was very disappointed that he wasn't dressed as an Incredible. "Yeah, well my Mummy stalks people on the internet all the time," she told me, unimpressed.

I was then showing the kids on my room (okay, I was being mauled until I did), so I said how I used to only have a photo of him dressed as an Incredible..."

Lucy (staff member, not kid) looked up from half-way across the room. "As an Incredible."

"Red lycra tights and all."

With that, Hunter (a kid) ran over, took a look at the picture frame, said, "He looks good," and ran off.

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Sam-Is-Mad said...

And incidentally, the original intention of the photo frame was so that I could pray for all my friends at sleep-time. I keep on worrying that I will miss people.