Friday, 1 February 2008

Frugal Fridays: Chocolate Fix

Who here doesn't like chocolate? If you don't, number one, you're crazy; number two, don't know why you clicked on this link; and number three, you're crazy.

So, chocolate. Who has chocolate cravings? And who here spends too much money on chocolate? I used to, and then I became broke. As in $5 a week for groceries broke. And as I can eat nearly a kg of chocolate in a sitting, $5 a week was NOT going to feed my chocolate habit.

I went through my cupboards. I ate all my cooking chocolate. And then I was left with only one thing. Cocoa.

I'd bought it for some baking I'd never got around to doing. (Mainly because my over doesn't actually work!) I decided that cocoa was better than nothing, and that therefore I was having hot chocolate.

Here is my hot chocolate recipe. It will kill ANY chocolate craving instantly. And any small children / Chinese church members who don't eat chocolate.

- 3/4 cup of milk
- 2 tablespoons of cocoa
- 2 tablespoons of honey (I get my honey for free, my mum knows a bee-keeper. The honey gives it a different flavour than sugar, but substitute sugar or other sweetner as you see fit)
- A sprinkle of spices. I prefer chili, but nutmeg and cinnamon are great too.

Cook on a stove. I don't trust those new-fangled mircowaves for anything as precious as chocolate. Try it before you pour it. Cocoa is very bitter, and chili is very hot. You don't want a big mouthful of bad tasting hot chocolate.

And that's it. And don't believe Rebecca when she says to dilute it with milk. It's nice as is. (She nearly choked when I made it for her.) Seriously, this is strong stuff!

You can add cocoa to other stuff too, such as porridge! (I'm eating it right now!) It's a wonderful, cheap way of satisfying chocolate cravings.

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Mom2fur said...

Honey!!! I knew there was something I forgot to buy at the grocery this morning. I forgot to put it on my list.
Oh, wow...honey in hot cocoa? That sounds amazing. I will definitely have to try this. Being 'not crazy,' I just love chocolate!