Monday, 18 February 2008

More Funnies

On Ice-Cream
Some of the boys were over at the girl's house. They decided that they wanted ice-cream. However, the only ice-cream that was available was ice-cream that had been put out for a day and then re-frozen. (All the girls say "EEEEWWWW".) They ate it. Kien explained: "You can do anything to ice-cream. Except boil it. Because that would wreck your kettle."

RPM stands for Rebecca's Perfect Match, and it was an excellent way of teasing Rebecca. However, our RPM had a Fatal Flaw. Oddly enough, in spite of the fact that we gave her many, many obvious clues, it wasn't until he himself mentioned (unwittingly) the Fatal Flaw. Rebecca then said: "HIM?" He has since been dubbed RPM the 2007 model.

Blogging will be sporadic - I've moved and started a new job. See you all when I next see you!

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