Sunday, 10 February 2008

Random Facts

About Steph's Wedding:
- Only two people danced with all of the bridesmaids. I was one of them. Daniel was the other
- I only danced with two guys. One was Winston (Steph's dad), the other was, (given that I was one of the bridesmaid), Daniel

About the Coolness Factor:
In music, you can tell how cool someone is by when they clap to music. If they clap to beats 2 and 4, they're cool. If they clap to beats 1 and 3, they ain't.
- I'm cool, but I have to think about it
- Rebecca alternates between being cool and uncool
- Ps Ian is not cool (but who wants a cool pastor?)
- Veng marches entirely to his own beat.
- Feel free to check these facts, but as it means you're NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO GOD DURING PRAISE AND WORSHIP, I don't recommend it.

Church Facts:

- Deakin care-group has the best food whenever we have pic-nic lunch
- Joab and Jason and Shaun have a very nice house. Especially for boys. It's nice and clean and all that. There is just one problem with your house. YOU DON'T HAVE ANY TEA in your house. Honestly! How could you?! I nearly died.
- Rebecca will let me eat ice-cream for breakfast. Or cookies. She claims it's because she's just grateful I'm eating SOMETHING!
- Kien and Shawn (Simone's brother Shawn, not Shaun who lives with Joab-and-Jason) are cousins. This becomes slightly strange when you realise that Mikey has suggested that I marry Shawn, and Emily has suggested that I marry Kien.


Joab said...

We're not english, ergo, there is no tea in the house

Sam-Is-Mad said...

But not even GREEN tea! I drink GREEN tea too! In fact, I drink almost ANY tea. (Except camomile, that's yuck!)

Jez-Arinn said...

why would you not be eating? x.x

and Joab, shouldn't you have tea since you're chinese? =P