Friday, 15 February 2008

Random Funnies

On Patience:
"But Sam, don't you want to wait for God's perfect timing?"
"Yes, I just wish God's perfect timing was FASTER!"
Rebecca and me on waiting for husbands.

"Lord, give me patience, and give me patience NOW!"
Me, pretty much any occasion where I need patience.

On my proposing marriage:
"Sam, what do you know about this boy?"
"I know he wants 20 kids."
Amy takes me a little too seriously at times.

"You couldn't possibly marry him. It'd undermine the one thing that your mum likes about our church. Eurasian babies."
Kallie has the same sense of humour as me.

On me:
"She's absolutely mad; that's why I like her."
A statement that proves: 1) people like me BECAUSE I'm mad, not in spite of it, 2) girls know everything

"I like your blog; it's funny."
"Funny ha-ha or funny perculiar?"
Joab gets told a joke that only Rebecca gets. He didn't get it.

From Mikey:
"Mum, do I have to eat like a gentleman?"
It was an honest question.

"Sam, I'm going to marry you when I grow up. Or maybe Leah."
Leah would be the better choice, as she went to the same kindy as Mikey.

On violence:
After punching Keith, and him saying, "Oh, that hurt," in a sarcastic voice, Anton handed me Keith's guitar and said, "Use this - it'll hurt twice over."

On getting old:
"Sam, you are not old. People often live to 100 now. You're only a quarter of the way there."
Rebecca fails to comfort me on my rapid aging.

After looking at a photo:
"You're not yet 21? I feel like such a cradle snatcher!"
"Why, how old are you?"
"23, nearly 24."
"Wow, you're getting OLD."
"And clucky."
"I've BEEN clucky since I was 16."
Daniel and I on aging and children

On Skirts vs Trousers:
"Sam, if you're independent minded enough to be a quiverful in Australia, surely you're independent minded enough to be the only quiverful woman who wears PANTS."
Nick in our quiverful conversation


joab said...

HEY! I understood that, it just wasn't funny! humph

Anonymous said...

No you didn't. It's a quote from Trixie Belden.

By the way, this is Sam

Raani said...

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