Saturday, 2 February 2008

What I Got Done

Remember yesterday's to do list. What did I actually manage to get done?

- Bible Study
Done. I don't go to sleep unless this is done. I try to do my quiet time in the morning, but if I haven't done it I don't go to bed until it's done.

- Blog (3 different posts)
In spite of the fact that I did 7 posts yesterday, only two of them were the ones I planned to do.

- Email the Builder
Done. Hopefully he will get back to me and want to buy my house for millions of dollars. Hey, I can hope!

- Email Caro

- Phone the Salvos regarding my couch
Done, but they won't take it. So I have to get rid of it somehow else. Again, anyone want a couch?

- Term planning
Mostly done. Actually, I've probably done most of the essentials, with me just having to refresh my memory of each composer before the class. I still plan to do a little more, but mostly, it's done.

- Stuff to Op Shop
Done one lot, but there will be another lot within a day or two.

- Library

- Read Our Island Story
Read about a quarter of this

- Read Lottie Moon biography

- Watch a few videos, mainly AIG ones, but hopefully another movie too.
I watched all of the AIG videos, but didn't get around to my next movie. It's 3 1/2 hours long!

Today is just really work and church, with me hopefully squeezing in a little reading on the trains. See you all tomorrow when I announce the winner to my giveaway.

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