Monday, 4 February 2008

It's Looking Better

Well, I'm still feeling pretty awful. Generally tired and ineffective. I've only done three things from my to-do list (four if you count taking stuff to the op-shop, but I have another few loads to take over the next few days).

One of the things I managed to do was FINALLY watch a movie I've been meaning to watch for over a year. It's another Shirley Temple, Since You Went Away, and it was wonderful. It's not a Shirley Temple movie per se, it was one of her 'adult' movies (though she's about 15 or 16 in it) but it was so lovely.

As quite a few of you know, I'm not much good at just sitting and watching TV. I usually need to be doing something. Sewing is not much good with TV (it's better with talking books or audio sermons) but knitting is perfect. And I always have about a million different knitting projects that I plan on doing. One is knitting a plastic bag out of plastic bags (yeah, I'm crazy) which I can only do a row or two at a time as it hurts my hands. Another is making a bag out of old stockings in stocking stitch.

Doesn't it look cool? Anyway, I got to thinking that I could actually make a dress out of this within a few hours. That is, if I had the materials. So, if anyone wants to donate any old black stockings then pass them on to me. The condition of the stockings doesn't much matter, they can have runs/holes, I'm knitting with them and the imperfections won't show.


And now to try and get more than three things done today...

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