Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Conversation That Should Have Happened

I was at the BTF meeting today, and whilst I was telling everyone about my panpipes (which actually play the notes C,D,E,G,and A in TUNE), I was completely unaware of the bombshell of Joab's comment.

Here is the conversation that should have happened:

J: I commented on your incredibly awesome blog today Sam. It is very awesome. More people should read it. Anyway, I just happened to mention that I wear make-up, such as foundation, and sometimes even blusher and lipstick. Not bright red though. I pretend to be a nice, innocent, well behaved boy, and red lipstick would give it away that really I'm a rotter.

S: You wear WHAT?

J: I like looking pretty. Is that a crime? You and Kallie aren't the only pretty people in our church!

S: You wear WHAT?

J: It's not as though I wear mascara. I can't carry it off. But eyeliner makes me look hot.

S: You wear WHAT? Are you wearing it now? Your complexion looks flawless.

J: Maybe I'm born with it, maybe it's maybeline.


joab said...

LOL, it comes from doing theatre, so only on stage, though I'll make an exception for you, when I'm free and you are, so long as you don't go overboard =P

Anonymous said...

Kallie says: Yeah right.
Sam says: Really! You're volunteering? Yay! Make-over!
Kallie says: Delete my comment. I sound mean.
Sam says: You are. But so am I. I think this post proves it.
Rebecca is not here, but if she was, she would say that this is inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

I have Mary Kay make-up. And a book, so we can match your colours...
You are so going to regret this!

At least you're not upset and crying off your mascara!

Love Sam-Is-Mad

Jocelyn said...

Can I join in on this tooo?