Sunday, 20 April 2008

Dear all

Dear all,
I am not well.
Please give me books.
And chocolate.
And money to buy books and chocolate.
A husband would be nice too, but I understand they are not readily avaiable in shops.
Love me.


Anonymous said...

And if anyone happens to have a spare husband or two then I'm available!

=D <---- Ultra cheesy grin

Yours sincerely,

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Rebecca would like one too. Our RPM the 2007 model is SO obsolete.

Anonymous said...

Err... does Rebecca know you're advertising for her?

Dear spare husbands,
I have 3 redeeming features (according to Keith) so rest assured that I'm not completely awful. To receive an application form please leave a comment with your contact details. No prior or current experience as a husband preferred. Applicants with a terrible sense of humour (similar to Kallie's) will be highly regarded.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I have only two redeeming features. I'm good with kids and I can make something from nothing. The second is a very useful talent when you plan on the amount of kids I plan on.

Oh, and I can sing in tune. That's nice too.