Wednesday, 16 April 2008

WFMW - Sunscreen

Does anyone have difficulty getting the kids to put on sunscreen. I know that lots of kids (that would be LOTS of kids) dislike putting on sunscreen. Here are two quick and easy ways of getting them to put it on!

1. Put glitter in the sunscreen. Girls especially love to be all glittered up, and it pleases them no end to have their own glitter cream which needs to be applied to arms, legs, and face. Indeed, with one kid, the trouble was getting her to not put on too much sunscreen.
2. Dot them. Show them on yourself. I put a dot on the nose, one on each cheek, then across the chin and forehead - "like a red indian". The boys appreciate this. They then rub the sunscreen in so that the cowboys won't know they're a red indian and chase them.

With around 15 kids to sunscreen at a time, this definately Works For Me.

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Jeff Kletter said...

Hello Sam-Is-Mad, we actually make a wonderful sunscreen for Kids. It is the only oil, alcohol, paba and preservative free spray on the market and the Environmental Working Group, in their study of 900 sunscreen, chose KINeSYS Kids spray as the #1 spray on the market for efficacy and low hazard ingredients.
I'm happy to send you a sample if you are interested.