Friday, 25 April 2008

Boys and Make-Up

To the prayer meeting, Kallie and I were talking about one of the many blessings of being a girl - ie that we can wear make-up. Make-up is very useful for making it look like I've slept some time in the last month.

So then we started talking about boys, and h ow they clearly can't wear make-up. Kallie said that they could wear eyeliner, but foundation would be a BAD IDEA. "Think about it - especially if they got a five o'clock shadow!"

"We should get one of the boys to wear make-up to church." One of us said.

"Someone completely unexpected."

We had a few ideas on who would be unexpected, and who we might be actually able to convince to wear a nice bright lipstick, but I won't share. It'll just get us into trouble :)

So we got to prayer meeting, and promptly started to search out a victim. We settled on Simone's-brother-Shawn, and promptly asked him what colour he liked. "Purple," he replied. (Well, at least Joab has company there.)

"Would you be willing to wear puple lipstick to church?" Kal asked.

"My sister has a really nice dark purple shade," I added.

"What? No!" he replied.

"What about eyeliner?" Kallie asked.

He looked at us as if we were mental. Although, I suppose we are a bit.

So, do we have any volunteers? And I'd like to point out here, that Joab, my church male readership is down pretty much to you, although Christian and Kien read occasionally. Oh, and Christian has suggested that we have a part three on (y)our car.


Anonymous said...

Correction: Sean actually suggested wearing mascara. And he wasn't so mortified at the thought of eyeliner.

And as wrong as boys wearing make-up is, exceptions should be eyeliner (it looks hot eg. Ryan Ross) and foundation for reasons specified by Jocelyn.

Destroyed Reputation

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Eyeliner can look ok, but let's face it, how much of a stir would it create in church. I'm still in favour of making a boy wear bright red lip-stick.

joab said...

lol, I wouldn't wear bright red lipstick, a more dull colour is ok, but foundation DOES make me look much better, it covers all my pimples etc :P though is does somewhat clog pores, but oh well. a bit of blusher (of the right shade) is pretty ok too. can't really carry off mascara, eyeliner is alright

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I'd like to point out a few things:
1. Joab, I am again disturbed. Very, very disturbed.
2. Your skin is not that bad.
3. I am disturbed. Very, very disturbed.
4. Are you volunteering? Because if you are, wait until I don't have any KFC duties. I want to see everyone's reactions!

P.S. We have plans for (y)our car...

Jocelyn said...

Did Joab just admit to wearing makeup on occasion??? (blusher.....?)

Sam, I and with you on the very disturbed... O-O

Anonymous said...

What shade of eyeshadow? We think that bright blue would suit you. With glitter. Love Kal and Sam

Anonymous said...

PS- And all this time we thought you were such a nice, innocent, well-behaved boy.

We confess we were incorrect.