Monday, 28 April 2008


Today was a great day! Fantastic! Mondays are the easiest day at work, all the kids are lovely, and there aren't any major clashes of personalities to deal with. And then... I got to help out with the pre-kinders... and then I spent an hour with the babies! The babies were lovely, and there wasn't any crying. They were angels. And then I went to the toddlers for the end of their nap time. And then I went back to the kinder kids, and THEY were lovely.

Then I came home, and got home at 6, which is rather early for me.

And found that I had gotten a book from Bookmooch, which made me happy. And that my order from Vision Forum had come in. I so can't wait to read the books I bought! And to listen to the CD sermons! (Yes Claire, I'm weird.) And listen to a series on history (Rebecca will fight me for it once she realises I've got it!)

I am very blessed!

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