Saturday, 5 April 2008

I'm Clearly Working In The Right Place

So, I'm at work, and Millie, one of our new kids, looks at me and asks, "Sam, when are you going to have children?" (Shades of Mikey!)

I reply, "About 9 months after I get married."

"When are you getting married Sam?"

"That, Millie," I reply, "Is a good question."

Later in the sandpit she wanted to know what food I was going to have at my wedding. She was rather pleased with the reply of chocolate.

"Can I come to your wedding?"

"Sure Millie. If you're still here when I get married, I'll invite you to my wedding."

Jonty prompty looked up and said "Can I come too?"

"Absolutely! What kind of wedding would it be without my Jonty monster?"

They then sat together making a wedding cake out of sand. I was assured that it was going to be a delicious chocolate flavour.

The next day, when we went outside to play, you know what they did? They promptly made more wedding cakes for me!

Now all I need is the husband...

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