Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Survey Questions That Won't Freak the Boys Out

Sorry boys (mostly Joab, I think he's the only regular male reader of the blog - and you wanted so much to know the first survey question that Kal, Alicia and I came up with) but the first question shall not appear until I have less common sense than I already have.

The second of the questions evolved from Kallie saying she didn't want to get old, she'd rather die young and good looking (incidentally, when I was discussing my pretty list with Joab, he said you were pretty Kal - score one to me. I, on the other hand, am not pretty. Boys! What do they know?). So she was working out a way of dying young and good looking. In the end she decided that murder would be a nice and dramatic way to go.

"Except we need to plan this out right. We need to choose someone spiritually mature so they can go into the jail and start Hope jail."

"We just need to ask people what they would do if they were in jail."

So she asked Keith.

He replied, "Do you want the real answer or the Biblical one?"

"The real one."

"I'd find myself a boyfriend."

Which disturbed both of us.

On the bus, Amy and I were discussing So You Think You Can Dance, with Kal and Joab making snide comments. When Joab made about the worst possible comment he could have, especially after Keith's revelation.

"I think male ballet dancers have the best physique out of anyone."

We all just looked at him in horror.


"Dude, you are so lucky you're Asian and not Aussie," I said.

"Yeah," added Kallie, "Because you see those truck drivers driving next to us. See those glaring looks. They are for you. And if you'd been white they would jump right over and kill you where you stand."

"But they do!" Joab protested.

"So? You're a boy! You don't SAY it!" All us girls said together.


joab said...

Hmm, well, I have already. So yeah, I dunno, what am I supposed to say? Arnie? @_@

Anonymous said...

You wanted more comments, so here they are:

a. If you post the survey question change my name so I don't receive 12 hours of shepherding.

b. You should cross me off the pretty list. I shouldn't be on it. Joab is lovely, but considering he likes male ballet dancers his opinion might not be reliable.

c. 'So you think you can dance' is awful.

d. I have said too much.

e. I think you are very cool, Sam. You are not horrible or useless. You are pretty. If I didn't like boys and I wasn't a girl I'd probably like you, but I'd be too shy and short so you'd reject me. Disturbed much?

the Founder of Hope Jail.

Joab said...

I thot Keith was the founder of Hope jail... hmm... and you ARE pretty Kal =P

Sam-Is-Mad said...

That's what I said. I think Kal is the prettiest girl in church.

And I still think Amy is second and Elaine is third, and I'm fourth, even if you don't.

Because I'm right, and you're wrong!

My point is, Kal, you're pretty!

Anonymous said...

Considering I'm going to die for Hope Jail I should get a little plaque that says I'm the founder =D Keith is going nowhere near Hope Jail with his suspect morals.

And seriously, I'm not pretty. I type this in sincerity, not fake modesty. I live with me so I should know. You're both wrong.


PS- Sammy, can you make green and black stripey scarves?

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Sure I can. But it might take a little while.