Saturday, 7 March 2009


Clearly, the best thing to do a week after being injured (and a day after taking still more time off) is to go dancing. And then to go dancing again the next day.

So, I went dancing (Scots) ast night, and had lots of fun. We danced Shiftin' Bobbins among other dances. I love Shifting Bobbins; it flows so beautifully.

Then today Kal and I went to Swing. That woud be where I did my injury in the first place. I don't remember what the step was called. But it was fun, and I don't think I'm injured, although my legs are sore.

The funniest thing is, after class, Kal and I discuss the different dancers - which of the guys were easy to dance with, which were difficut, etc etc. I said that I found one of the guys called Rodney to be the easiest person to dance with. Kallie said, "No way! He was way too tall!" I replied that I didn't find that to be a problem. I like tall, even in dancing partners.

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Sam-Is-Mad said...

I'm still not injured, but my muscles are screaming. Amy said, "That means you're buiding muscles mass." And I said, "On my calves? NNNNNOOOOOO!"