Saturday, 7 March 2009

English Monarchs Quiz

Because you are all idiots, I'm writing a quiz on English history. Amusing answers are allowed, and I'll give you extra points. Person with most points for accurate / funny answers get a prize. Not sure what.

- What was William the Conqueror's nic-name before he was "the Conqueror?"
- Which king commanded the waves to go back?
- What was King George the 6ths real first name?
- Who requested that no king ever have that first name? And why?
- Which king is the only monarch to have both a mother and a son executed for treason, and a grandson deposed for the same reason?
- Which king signed the Magna Carta?
- Who is the only English king with his own fan club?
- Name the king who got captured twice in the Holy Land, making the English people (twice) pay a ransome, and yet he remains a popular hero.
- Name a king who was never crowned.
- Who was the first English Prince of Wales?
- King James the 1st of England is the same as king James the what of Scotland?
- Which king did I dream about?
- Edward 1st, the ______ of the Scots?

Answer or else I'll be very cross.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, the answer to all of these is Richard. Except for question 2, which is Moses, and the last question, which is Robert the Bruce.

Gee whiz Sam, you're making this tricky!

-Anon. who most definitely must have majored in Anglo history.

shaun said...

2.King Nebuchanezzar, or God
4.King George the sixth. Because he thought the name was dodgy.
5.the one who wanted kids of his own
6.the one who made the Magna Carta
7.Elvis, I'm pretty sure he's English
8.the emperor with no clothes
9.King Henry the headless
10.Prince of Wales the first
12.the king of strawberry land

Glad to hear you're up and about trying to injure yourself again.