Monday, 2 March 2009

Yay! I get to be a slacker again! and other tidbits...

For those of you who don't dance, you may be surprised to realise that it's not easy to dance with an injury. Consequently, I bowed out of multi-cultural day celebrations. I offered to play harp / whistle, but they didn't mind. Which means I'm going back to being a slacker. Which is a pity in some ways. I was sounding ok on the harp. My tunes actually sounded like tunes, my chords were all actually being played at the right time, and I was finding the right string fairly quickly. I'm expecting a general lack of practice to change that.

I also had a minor breakdown at church. Kal attributes it to a lack of bakery goods, and I'm going to have to agree. Shaun noticed me leaving crying, and asked if my foot was ok. It was fine. I was not. So I started walking home. Justin called out after me, but I ignored him, then he chased after me in the car, first to offer to drive the injured girl to the station, then to give me an umbrella because it was spitting, and finally bringing Kallie. I did not get in. I was worried that he would want to talk to me. Justin on the other hand, was apparently worried that I would want to talk to him. I don't talk when I'm distressed. I just cry.

On an entirely different note, I had another weird dream last night. Joab and Adam were talking. I was trying to work out what they were saying, but I couldn't. Then I realised, THEY WERE SPEAKING CHINESE. So I threw nearby books at them. Even awake, it seems to be a perfectly reasonable response. Incidentally, I'm fairly certain Adam doesn't speak Chinese. He speaks English, Polish, a bit of French, probably some Russian and some Yiddish, but no Chinese. Go figure.

Oh, and Ps Ian told us all to blog. Obviously, I'm obedient.


Joab said...

ooooo, now i haunt your dreams too.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I don't have that many dreams with people I actually know, I get more of historical characters etc.

Incidentally, once Kallie was an animal smuggler and a bunch of people from church broke into her animal smuggling compound to stop her.

You weren't in that one. Shaun, I think you were. Kallie, as I said, was. I wasn't. I take no sides in the animal smuggling debate.