Friday, 13 March 2009

Moving Again

We're all moving again. Reb was already planing to, but the land lord is selling (wh you would be selling now I don't know, but still) and so we are all moving. We're looking for places on Sat.

Oh well. Much as I hate moving, it means that I go through my stuff and have a good declutter. Which is always nice.


Winza said...

Good luck with the move...

Are you still looking for places around the same area (east malvern/glen iris)??


Sam-Is-Mad said...

We are, at least at the moment. We have until the end of June to move, so it isn't urgent, but I'd rather sooner than later, as I don't know how my lungs will hold out over winter.

joce said...

Is your new place close to the station?