Friday, 27 March 2009


Hi all,

My room has started going through MASSES of paper - over three times the amount as last year. And we are running out!

We use used paper, so something like old rosters from church, handouts from uni, etc etc, that have printing on one side only are perfect. I've already brought all of mine in, but I thought - I know a lot of uni students. I bet they have lots of old paper.

So if you do, please pass it on to me!



joce said...

I used up all mine doing an assignment of DOOM.

shaun said...

where you shooting floating heads with BFG9000's?

Or are we still talking of that first person shooter?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

I can start putting aside some paper from you. We do have some, but we also go through quite a lot ourselves!

But if I start putting some aside for you, I am sure there will be a small pile after a while.


shaun said...

I can bring a whole mass for you, all nicely stapled for you to unstaple. How does that sound?

Also, gives me an excuse to drop by your place. Bua ha ha

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Yay! Paper!

We officially ran out today.

shaun said...

you still have to tell me where on earth you reside