Sunday, 22 March 2009


I enjoy Shakespeare. I know, I'm an Arts student, with a lit major, but I do. And recently I've gotten Kal into Shakespeare. So far we've watched:

- Henry V
- Richard III
- Much Ado About Nothing
- As You Like It (possibly the trippiest movie I've seen recently - certainly the most loved-up)

Which is not bad. I think we're likely to watch Twelfth Night next - I've got three different versions, only one of which I've seen.

Reb came in whilst we were watching Richard III, and looked at the screen. "Richard III," I explained.

She looked sceptical. "I didn't think he was around in modern times," she said.

"He wasn't; it's Shakespeare."

"Why the costumes?"

"It's post-modern," said Kal.

"A nod to Facism and other totalitarian rulers," I added. Then I paused, and said, "Plus, we get to see guys in 1940's army uniforms."


Anonymous said...

Uniforms!!! <3


joce said...

Oooh I loved that version of Richard III <3

Shakespeare is <3

Shaun said...

Watched? WATCH Shakespeare?
This generation is spoiled.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

So was Shakespeare's generation. They saw it live, for a few pennies, and they got to eat oranges while they went.

They even got the man himself in some of the plays.

On the other hand, all the girl's parts were played by boys, which would have kinda sucked.

shaun said...

Grr...Sam made sense yet again.

Be careful or I'll release Ophelia on you.