Sunday, 15 March 2009

Our Costumes For Multicultural Day

Contrary to popular belief, my culture was not 'school-girl'. I am also not 'cute'. People who say so may just die.

Also contrary to popular belief, Kallie is not bruised. She has industrial soot on her face. She is poor urban English.

On other notes, Shaun wore a skirt, Alicia dressed as a Hawaiian chick (complete with coconuts and grass skirt), Joab wore a Chinese style shirt, and Joce didn't dress up, which was very sad.

Desperado stayed home.


Desperado said...

Hi Sam,

I didn't eat the good chocolate, only the cooking chocolate. Just to remind you so you don't hate me too much.

Love Desperado.

PS- You look very pretty. Kallie needs a bath!

joce said...

Actually, I wore Indian in KFC but I'd changed by the time I got to the main church for lunch. :P